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Wool is a primary material, usually sold with a mixture of different fibers.

100% wool is a very noble material, but because it is delicate, its washing has to be done by hand and the laying is delicate and flat.

It is ideal to make garments that will give us an essential coat in those times of the year that time tightens, and also accessories such as scarves or panties that will give us protection in those parts most exposed of our body.

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  • Bio Lana 50 gr. Bio Lana 50 gr.
    Product available with different options
  • Merino 100% 50g

    MERINO 100% is a merino wool of great quality. Ideal for all types of garments, we will achieve a spectacular finish, thanks to its high quality. Available in colors from 1 to 505. To work with needles from 4 - 4.5 and crochet from 3.5 - 4.

    4,09 €
  • Merino Baby Plus  50g Merino Baby Plus  50g
    Product available with different options
    Merino Baby Plus 50g

    Multicolor merino wool in pastel colors and relaxing for babies and children. Merino Baby Plus is wonderful for striped dresses and printed sweaters of autumn and winter. Soft yarn to make comfortable children's hats and scarves. Colors available from 200 to 214. To knit with needles from 3 - 3.5 or crochet 2 - 2.5.

    4,55 €
  • Silky Lace 50gr

    Silky Lace is a silky colored thread soft and shiny It's a fabulous wool to create comfortable sweaters for autumn and light lady jackets. The warm union of silk and merino is ideal to make wonderful openwork shawls. Colors from 150 to 173. To work with needles from 3 - 3.5 or crochet from 2.5 - 3.

    5,45 €
  • Infinity Shawl 150gr

    Wool with Perfect Color Cycle. Multicolor merino wool in format of great footage to crochet and knit. Infinity Shawl is thinking to create add-ons of autumn and winter with a single ball. Perfect wool for degraded shawls and warm colorful scarves. Available in colors from number 301 to 310. To knit with needles from number 4 - 4.5, or crochet number 3.5 - 4

    14,83 €
  • Emozione 150gr.

    Emozione is a wool from Mondialvery special, since each modeloffers an original marbled that leavesdegrading from one tonality to another.This wool is composed of fibers100% merino virgin despite its finethickness. You can knit a fabulous shawl with1 single ball of 150 grams and 540 meters.To knit with needles 3 - 4 or crochet 2.5 - 4.

    16,45 €

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