Azteca Degrade 100gr



Azteca Degradé is a multi-colored wicking wool

in mottled and cheerful colors.

With only two balls of Azteca Degradé you can knit

fun add-ons like point warmers,

hats with pompoms or fluffy collars.

This wool is fabulous for the whole family,

especially to make baby dresses and children's jackets.

Available in colors from 500 to 508.

To knit with needles from 5 - 5.5

or crochet 5 - 5.5.

6,61 €

Data sheet

Weight 100 gr
Length 180 mts
Knitting needles 5 - 5.5
Crochet hook 5 - 5.5
Compositions 53% Lana 47% Acrílico


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