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Trikotem, shop online of cotton and yarns

Trikotem is a family business, founded in 2013.

Our purpose, apart from selling wool and yarns, is to create an ideal environment for knitting.

We are in Calle del Vino 1, in Cambrils, very close to Barcelona.

We are in an ideal space where you can sit and knit, consult and solve the problems related to the trikot (or not), thanks to the teacher, Pilar, who is the soul Trikotem.

Joan will assist you and advise too. When choosing different types of wool or yarn to make your pieces, but you will always have the point and end of Pilar.

If you want to enjoy our tricopy world, do not hesitate to ask us. We have the best products at the best price and you can enjoy the world of Trikopathy.

If you do not come personally, we can send you your order wherever you want.

if you come to Cambrils for a holiday, or a weekend, do not hesitate to visit us, we will be waiting for you.


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