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BETINA by LM is a satin ribbon coming in a wide variety of colors. BETINA by LM is very versatile and suitable for any spring/summer project. BETINA by LM is available in 100g and 130m buds to knit with 4-7mm needles or crochet
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Thick acrylic thread, rope type, ideal for making baskets, large amigurumis, carpets and other accessories.
COTONE by LM is a 100% recycled cotton, with a soft touch, aailable in a wide range of colours. COTONE by LM is ideal for making any type of garment or accessory with a rustic touch. COTONE by LM comes in 100gr and 155m buds, to knit with 4 - 5mm needles or 3½ - 4½mm crochet.
COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is a soft, matte and high quality cotton yarn. Available in a wide range of plain colours, COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is ideal for spring and summer openworks, complements an amigurumis. COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM comes of 50gr and 170m buds, to knit with 3 - 3.5mm needles and 2.5 - 3mm crochet hook.
ECO LIFE by LM is a yarn made from recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester, 100% vegan. ECO LIFE by LM is ideal for all types of spring garments, shawls, amigurumis sweaters, etc. ECO LIFE by LM comes in 100g and 183m buds, to knit with 4 - 4’5mm needles and 4 - 5mm crochet hook.
RAFIA Friendly Yarn by LM is a viscose ribbon, 100% biodegradable cellulose, organic and breathable. RAFIA Friendly Yarn by LM comes from reforested forests and, thanks to its consistency, is ideal for all types of accessories: bags, hats, baskets, rugs, placemats, etc. RAFIA Friendly Yarn by LM is available in 100g and 100m spools, to knit with 6 - 8mm...
TORONTO by LM is a nice wool with a discreet shiny touch and beautiful printed colours. TORONTO by LM is great for all types of garments. TORONTO by LM is available in buds of 100gr and 120m, to work with needles or crochet of 4 - 6mm.
VELLUTO by LM is a soft velvet wool. VELLUTO by LM comes in beautiful colours, ideal for sweaters, coats, jackets and accessories. VELLUTO by LM is available in 100g and 68m buds, to knit with 7 - 9mm needles or 8mm crochet hook.
VOLKAN by LM is a cord made of 70% PET (recycled bottles) and 30% recycled cotton, in beautiful colours. VOLKAN by LM is ideal for accessories such as bags, carpets, macrame, pillows, pouf, etc. VOLKAN by LM is available in 100g and 78m buds, to knit with 5 - 8mm needles or 6mm crochet hook.
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WOOL STAR by LM is a pleasant multi-coloured wool, wick type. WOOL STAR by LM  is ideal for all types of garments and accessories, made with a long cycle print and in beautiful colours. WOOL STAR by LM is available in cones of 250gr and 450m, to knit or crochet with 5 - 6mm needles.
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