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ARTCotton is a 100% natural cotton. Its special artisanal dyeing process, combining several shades of the same range, give it a beautiful effect both in crochet or knitting needles work. For 3'5-4mm crochet or 3-3'5mm knitting needles
CUORE by AdR is a merino wool with 50% of Dralon©  fiber in its composition, which gives it sponginess and length, and makes it ideal for any piece you want to knit, both two-needle and crochet, because they will be warm, soft, light and very pleasant to the touch. It comes in 50g and 200m skeins, for working with 2’5 - 3mm knitting needles or crochet hooks.
DRACO by AdR has wool, cotton and polyamide fibers in its composition, which gives it an excellent and surprising touch, while adopting a rustic look, like Tweed, without sacrificing softness. It is suitable for knitting all seasons garments, both knitted and crocheted. It comes in 50g and 75m skeins, for working with 5 - 5’5mm knitting needles or crochet...
EL ALGODON DE JULIA by AdR is a 100% cotton produced entirely in our country, of exceptional quality. Cotton is the most important natural vegetable fiber in the world, ideal for its strength, breathability and softness. It is very versatile and hypoallergenic, ideal for knitting summer garments. Available in a studied colour chart that you can combine...
FUSION by AdR is an excellent quality and great softness yarn, thanks to the blend of merino wool and Dralon©. In 6 beautiful new and very well-made colours, this wool is ideal for knitting any warm garment. Available in buds of 100 g and 125 m 5.5 - 6mm knitting needles or 4’5 - 5 mm crochet hook.
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