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ALVEARE by Mondial is a blend of Microfiber PC and mohair, light and enveloping, with a soft brush, presented in an innovative hive-shaped bud from which it takes its name. A classic thread with an exceptional softness and easy to work with, ideal for both casual or openwork sweaters and accessories. Available in 200g and 520m buds to knit with 4½ - 5½mm...
AMORE by Mondial is a soft, enveloping and delicate thread, halfway between classic and fantasy. A twist of pure wool that wraps inside a multi-coloured thread, delicate but with a bright effect at the same time. AMORE by Mondial is especially suitable for baby and children's projects, such as blankets, covers, socks and sweaters, a real wool hug for the...
Arte by Mondial Arte by Mondial 2
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ARTE by Mondial is a versatile thread, a mixture of Merino wool and acrylic, which comes in 6 little buds of 30g each, three in plain color and three in print, which complement each other perfectly. You choose how to combine them and organize them to create different garments and accessories for all ages! The buds are threaded in a large pencil, with a...
Athena by Mondial
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Athena de Mondial is a perfect yarn for weaving very elegant works, with a spectacular fall. Ideal for spring and summer, thanks to its composition of cotton and microfiber, the result is fresh and light clothes. Available in 50 gr and 125 m skeins, for knitting with 3 - 4mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.

Bio Lana by Mondial

Bio Lana de Mondial is an organic wool, composed of natural fibers, with a rustic texture, warm and soft touch, free of toxic substances, which makes it suitable for all types of sensitive skin. Available in 50g and 100m skeins, for knitting or crocheting with 4'5 - 5mm needles.
Mondial’s Bio Soft is a fluffy, soft and breathable organic cotton, free of chemicals. It is an ecological and hypoallergenic yarn, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Available in 100 gr and 140 m skeins, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
CASHMIRETTE GOLD by Mondial is an extra-fine Merino wool, with a touch of cashmere. CASHMIRETTE GOLD by Mondial is ideal for designs for the whole family, especially for the little ones thanks to its extreme softness. CASHMIRETTE GOLD by Mondial by is available in 50g and 125m buds, to knit with 3’5 – 4’5mm needles or 3’5 – 4’5mm crochet hook.
COSMO by Mondial is a braided wool, of gradient colours, with some metallic fiber inside, which gives it a touch of discreet shine. COSMO by Mondial is ideal for autumn and winter, thanks to 50% Merino wool in its composition. COSMO by Mondial is available in 50g and 150m buds, to knit with 5 - 6mm needles and 4 - 5mm crochet hook.
CRISTALLO by Mondial is a braided ribbon, with viscose and microfiber in its composition, which stands out for its brilliance, fall and movement. CRISTALLO by Mondial is ideal for summer pieces, with an elegant touch. CRISTALLO by Mondial is available in 50 gr and 100 m skeins, for 4 - 5 mm knitting needles or 3 - 4 mm crochet hook.
Dolomiti by Mondial Dolomiti by Mondial 2
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DOLOMITI byMondial is a slightly irregular and very colorful wick. DOLOMITI byMondial is characterized by its stripes that never repeat the same sequence, because to several impressions that fuse in the yarn randomly, so that, despite having the same basic tones, the skeins will present different combinations and stripes. Its composition is suitable for...
ECO NATURA by Mondial is a 100% natural wool, with GOTS certification. ECO NATURA by Mondial  is ideal for knitting warm garments when cold is tight. ECO NATURA by Mondial is available in 100g and 350m skeins, to knit with 3'5 - 4'5mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.
Emozione by Mondial Emozione by Mondial 2
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EMOZIONE by Mondial is a perfect color cycle wick wool, 100% merino. Designed to create autumn and winter accessories, EMOZIONE by Mondial allows you to weave gradient shawls and warm colored scarves with a single skein of 150g and 540m. EMOZIONE by Mondial is for 4-4.5mm knitting needles and 3.5mm crochet hook.
FRESCO LINO by Mondial is a real sustainable yarn made of 100% natural, recycled and organic fibers. Fashion is not only a search for novelties, but also a reinterpretation of what already exists, paying special attention to respect for the environment. This is precisely the philosophy behind FRESCO LINO by Mondial. With an essential colour chart, based...
GAP de Mondial is a blend of wool and microfiber, with a touch of alpaca, which gives it a very soft touch.  GAP by Mondial is a clean, linear and very regular thread, suitable for unisex clothing and accessories. GAP by Mondial comes in 250g and 750m buds to knit with 3 - 4 mm needles and 4 - 5 mm crochet hook.
Ginger byMondial
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GINGER by Mondial is a wick-type blend of wool and microfiber, printed in beautiful colour gradients. GINGER by Mondial is very easy to work with, and therefore ideal for beginners as it allows you to knit incredible projects with both knitting and crochet needles: sweaters, accessories, home accessories ... everything that your imagination proposes to...
GRANNY MANIA by Mondial is a complete kit that allows you to create your own bag of grannies, a rediscovered classic that is still in vogue thanks to the thousands of combinations it allows. GRANNY MANIA by Mondial includes 8 100% cotton buds, very soft and easy to knit, and a pair of bamboo handles of vintage design, to create a bag to your size, with...
IMAGINE by Mondial is a medium-thick, fancy, curly-looking slat that combines different colours. IMAGINE by Mondial is ideal for ponchos and pieces with curly texture. Includes mask to set. IMAGINE by  Mondial is available in 150 gr and 300m buds, for 4’5 – 5’5mm knitting needles and 4 – 5mm crochet hook.
JACQUELINE by Mondial is a cotton base thread, discreetly shiny, with colour sparks. The threads blend of JACQUELINE by Mondial achieves a very original mottled look, suitable for elegant tops and dresses for summer. JACQUELINE by Mondial is available in 50gr and 105m buds for 3 - 4mm knitting needles or crochet.
Jazz by Mondial Jazz by Mondial 2
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Jazz by Mondial

JAZZ by Mondial is a slightly irregular and very colorful wick. Its composition is suitable for knitting any winter garment, even socks. Available in 150g and 375m skeins, for working with 3’5 - 4’5mm knitting needles or crochet hook.
KID SETA by Mondial is a very high-performance yarn, blend of two beautiful and all-natural fibers: silk and kid mohair. The softness and volume of KID SETA by Mondial allows you to create pieces of different thicknesses but always with great comfort and elegance. KID SETA by Mondial is available in 25g and 210m buds for knitting with 2 - 4mm needles.
LIVERPOOL by Mondial is a blend of virgin merino wool with viscose and other fibers, with a beautiful mottled effect. LIVERPOOL by Mondial  is ideal for knitting winter garments quickly and easily. LIVERPOOL by Mondial  is available in 100g and 200m buds, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 4’5 - 5’5mm crochet hook.
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