More than 250 years ago, in 1746, art and commerce came together thanks to the initiative of Jean-Henri DOLLFUS, who founded a joint venture with two other young businessmen Jean-Jacques SCHMALZER and Samuel KOECHLIN. Taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the time for printed fabrics, and the artistic talent of Jean-Henri, they became pioneers in Europe in the industrial production of hand-printed Indian prints.

Subsequently, and for many years, the company engaged in a single activity: printing on fabrics. The two brothers Jean-Henri and Jean DOLLFUS manage it together.

Long before the term globalization was on everyone's lips, these two men already had an international ambition for their company, and exported their fabrics around the world.

Towards the end of the 18th century, Jean-Henri DOLLFUS 'nephew, Daniel DOLLFUS, took over the management of the family business. In the spring of 1800, he married Anne-Marie MIEG, combining his wife's name with his own, a common practice at the time. During that same year, he gave his company its new corporate name DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie, or DMC.

In 1818 it was Jean DOLLFUS-MIEG's turn to take over his father's business, focusing on quality, product marketing and service.

In 1850, while studying in Leeds, England, Jean DOLLFUS-MIEG's son discovered a process invented by the chemist JOHN MERCER (mercerizing), which he applied to his yarn, and which modifies the fibber and gives it more strength, longevity and a silky look.

Also, during this century, DMC forged strong ties with the famous embroiderer, Thérèse de DILLMONT. The friendship between this talented woman and Jean DOLLFUS-MIEG pushes her to move to Dornach, a village near Mulhouse, where she founded her own embroidery school, with the support of DMC.

The greatest work produced by Thérèse is his Encyclopédie des Ouvrages de Dames, published in 1886, which was translated and marketed in 17 countries.

The two world wars halted production, and in 1961 the company merged with THIRIEZ & CARTIER BRESSON. The new company retains the name of DMC, but adopts the logo of THIRIEZ & CARTIER BRESSON, the horse head that has become famous today.

The DMC Group is currently an international organization that manufactures yarns and other by-products for consumers and the textile industry. The company’s commitment to quality and creativity remains as strong today as it was in the 18th century. The motto of the Dollfus family, which dates back more than 2 centuries, has retained all its authenticity:

TENUI FILO MAGNUM TEXITUR OPUS - "A work of art is born from a simple thread "

Today DMC is an international group that exports to more than 60 countries on 5 continents. 70% of its turnover is made in the production plant of Mulhouse, in Alsace. Its main business remains the manufacture of yarns for the consumer and textile industry, as well as various derived products.

At all times, superior product quality, customer satisfaction, social responsibility, innovation and creativity, as well as consideration of environmental constraints remain the shared core values ​​that guide DMC in its evolution, in the service of consumers.

NOVA VITA by DMC is a tubular, recycled cotton yarn made with the future of the planet in mind. Ideal for accessories and home decoration, with NOVA VITA by DMC you can weave turrets, pillows, baskets, lamps ... With this thread, DMC gives a second life to cotton, as it is obtained from the remains of processed and dyed fabrics. Softer and more flexible...
MINI MAGNUM TWEED COLOR by DMC is the younger brother of the successful Magnum Tweed, a beautiful and attractive mixed yarn, MINI MAGNUM TWEED COLOR by DMC is a thick wool, with beautiful gradients and tweed dots, ideal for winter garments, accessories and home decor. Perfect for beginners. MINI MAGNUM TWEED COLOR by DMC is available in 200g and 200m...
WOOLLY by DMC is 100% merino wool from the best merino sheep in Australia. High quality and extremely soft, very easy to work with, and suitable for any type of garment or accessory. WOOLLY by DMC does not itch and does not pill. It is an active and insulating fiber, which reacts to changes in body temperature and maintains heat when it is cold and cool...
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KIT CROCHET “MY COZY CUSHION” by DMC Free your mind by discovering a relaxing activity: crocheting! Get carried away by crochet stitches to make your own pillow. A very easy step-by-step kit to follow. Kit contents: ü  2 skeins of acrylic wool of 100 gr. ü  1 4mm crochet hook ü  1 woollen needle ü  Instructions Dimensions 40 x 40cm Filling not included...
HAPPY COTTON by DMC is a 100% cotton yarn, specially designed for making small characters and crocheted objects: the amigurumis. Weave these playful and tender figures without limit. HAPPY COTTON by DMC is very soft and pleasant to the touch. The weaving is fast, accessible and ideal for children. HAPPY COTTON by DMC is available in 20g and 43m buds, to...
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