Tropical Lane

Tropical Lane is a young company, born from the management skills of four textile professionals who, based on years of experience, decide to join forces and create their own line of yarns.

It was in March 1976 that Tropical Lane first began marketing some items in the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, rapidly expanding its sphere of influence.

With the appointment of the first commercial and the consequent increase of customers and regions covered, begins to manifest the need to have a productive unit, able to guarantee qualitative and technical supports that can ensure a continuous presence of Tropical Lane products in the market .

The first step was to decide where to get the material to be marketed, and Biellese was chosen, the home of the textile industry given its tradition and quality. Quality that has always been the goal of Tropical Lane, a company that was expanding but also wanted to maintain its local position.

Once the problem of the raw material and the finished product was overcome, the organization and development phase of Tropical Lane had to be overcome, since after covering the whole of northern Italy in 1980, and in 1984 the other regions, a solution of productive and qualitative continuity had to be found to satisfy an ever-increasing demand.

During the spring of 1984, Tropical Lane bought a block of shares from a major Biellese knitting group in the knitting industry, as well as a Lombardy industry specializing in the cotton sector. This manoeuvre, together with an undoubtedly favourable market situation, allowed a new expansion.

In 1987 the sector suffered a sudden downturn, coinciding with a period of severe economic problems throughout the country. This crisis led Tropical Lane to a painful, albeit inevitable, selection. Three years later, in 1990, the "new" Tropical Lane reopened after the departure of one of the partners and the renewed interest of the remaining three: Corrado Ballabene, administrative manager, Ferdinando Ciandrini, commercial director, and Emilio Lanci, production manager, who completely modified the structure, with a special emphasis on investments in materials, media and personnel.

20 years later, in 2011, Tropical Lane underwent a significant change in the administrative "set", which considers the retirement of the two partners, Emilio Lanci and Ferdinando Ciandrini, who were replaced by the sons of the administrative manager: Stefano y Lorenzo Ballabene, eager to improve the business system.

Tropical Lane is renewed with young people and opens up to the foreign market, with a special focus on creating new fantasy items in order to grow in competitiveness.

One of the key points of Tropical Lane is the continuous study and qualitative research of new articles and colour nuances in specialized techniques, which create and develop new effects and new ideas. This has allowed the sales network, made up of 35 sales agents, to have a complete, ever-evolving sample that allows Tropical Lane to focus on expanding into major international markets.

Tropical Lane is currently betting on "stock-service", the most modern way of collaboration between business and customers, which allows stores not to be burdened with huge warehouse management costs, while being able to take advantage of the speed of replenishment. The company has more than 2,800 m2 of warehouse space, between inventory stock and headquarters, and from where shipments are made. Thanks to this, they try to make the speed of the expeditions and the quality of the items the best weapon in Tropical Lane. This choice has allowed the presence in the market with more than 5,000 stores that distribute their yarns.

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Tropical Lane birth, which is celebrated with a series of initiatives and contests aimed at its fans to celebrate the occasion.

Today, Tropical Lane continues to work to be at the forefront of its industry, without losing the principles and values ​​that characterize it.

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