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  • Air Lux 50gr Air Lux 50gr
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    Air Lux 50gr

    Air Lux is an ideal wool to be able weave shawls and gerseis. It has a special brightness. Available in a color from 60 to 77. To work with needles from 3 -3.5 and crochet 2 - 2.5

    5,12 €
  • Aire 25 gr

    Aire is a very sweet, fluffy and light yarn with woolly texture. It works so much with knitting needles from 4.5 - 5.5, as a crochet 2 - 2.5. Its softness achieves nice winter sweaters, attractive long jackets, elegant necks with volume and shawls with openwork.

    4,34 €
  • Alabama 50gr

    KATIA'S ALABAMA is one of the great summer classics, ideal for knitting mid season garments for the whole family.  Ideal for amigurumi craft. Large assortment of colors from 1 to 63. To work with needles of 3.5 - 4 and crochet of 4.

    2,36 €
  • Alaska 100gr

    ALASKA is a basic wool, easy to work and of excellent quality; with a really competitive price that makes it ideal for learning to knit. Recommended for any type of garment from hats and scarves to jumpers and blankets. Very colorful from 1 to 49. For needles from 6 - 6.5 or crochet from 5 - 5.5

    2,48 €
  • All Seasons Cotton 50g

    Bright cotton thread and current colors. All Seasons Cotton brings comfort and freshness to garments for the whole year. 100% soft cotton for elegant tops, jackets with shine and feminine sweaters. Available in colors from 1 to 19. To work with needles from 3.5 - 4 or crochet from 3.5 - 4.

    4,79 €
  • Ansa Socks 100gr Ansa Socks 100gr
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    Ansa Socks 100gr

    Superwash and soft wool with polyamide in colors Pale and winter to make socks. Ansa Socks allows you to make a pair of socks for men or women with a single ball. A yarn with sensational Jacquard effect to give a fun touch to this type of work. Arranged with wool of a color you can make beautiful gerseis.

    8,22 €
  • Azteca  100gr Azteca  100gr
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    Azteca 100gr

    AZTECA is a wicking wool, regular, multicolor of long cycle print, soft and nice for all. With a rustic finish, it is ideal for all types of pieces, from hats, scarves and collars to sweaters, dresses or jackets, both for adults and children. Not suitable for people allergic to wool. Great assortment of multicolor from 7801 to 7867. To work with needles...

    6,61 €
  • Azteca  Milrayas 100gr Azteca  Milrayas 100gr
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  • Azteca Degrade 100gr

    Azteca Degradé is a multi-colored wicking wool in mottled and cheerful colors. With only two balls of Azteca Degradé you can knit fun add-ons like point warmers, hats with pompoms or fluffy collars. This wool is fabulous for the whole family, especially to make baby dresses and children's jackets. Available in colors from 500 to 508. To knit with needles...

    6,61 €
  • Azteca Fine Lux 100g

    Azteca Fine Lux is a fantasy woolwith a subtle flash effect onsoft gradients of color from 400 to 408.A perfect autumn-winter yarn forknit fantasy dots, braids.With 2 balls you can knit a jacketor knit sweater for a girl,or a nice rectangular crochet shawl.

    8,02 €
  • Azteca Infinity 150g

    Azteca Infinity is a multicolored woolfor knitting accessories in soft colorsdegraded Each ball contains480 meters and 150 grams, an amountperfect for knitting a shawl, a scarf ora scarf only using 1 ball.Available in colors from 500 to 507 forknit with 3.5 - 4 needles or crochet 3 - 4.

    11,98 €
  • Baby Azteca 50gr

    Multicolor wool with soft and cheerful tones perfect for babies and children. Baby Azteca brings warmth to buttoned jackets and colorful dresses for autumn and winter days. It is an ideal thread to create fun scarves and caps printed with pompom. Colorful from 50 to 57, for knitting with needles from 3 - 3.5 or crochet 2.5 - 3.

    3,80 €
  • Baby Jacquard 50g

    Baby Jacquard is a round threadextra-soft with a modern printJacquard effect. A wool of carecomposition and a color from 80 to 87,to weave baby clothes.In balls of 50 grams and 120 meters.

    2,44 €
  • Baby Paint 100gr

    Baby Paint is a soft and soft touch wool, designed to be used in your baby tasks, like blankets, toquillas or lullabies. Each ball offers a mixture of colors very soft cake that when weaving will form a perfectly combined striped fabric. Available in colors from 50 to 57. To knit with needles from 3 - 3.5 or crochet 3 - 3.5.

    5,74 €
  • Bahamas 100gr

    Bahamas is a multicolored cotton in bright colors and live, in colors from 60 to 66, ideal for point with 3 - 3.5 needles and crochet hook 3 - 3.5. Knit a simple shawl of women with two balls of Bahamas for the spring and summer season. Their colors form stripes in the fabric with a youthful touch.

    7,85 €
  • Big Alabama 50gr

    Big Alabama is a mix ofmatte cotton in bright colors.With this thread you can make sweatersdetime and jackets for adults and children.Available in colors from 1 to 37,in balls of 50 grams and 80 meters.Big Alabama is excellent to performsimple cushions, comfortable poufsand all kinds of accessions.

    2,36 €
  • Big Merino 100gr

    Thick wool with a wide range of colors from 1 to 47 ideal for all types of knitting and crochet patterns. Big Merino is great for thick woolen sweaters, Women's winter jackets and youth caps. With this basic wool they are made warm blankets for the sofa and cozy cushions. To knit with needles 6.5 - 7 or crochet 6 - 7.

    4,38 €
  • Big Paint 100gr

    Big Paint is a very wicking woolsoft to weave colorful and cheerfulaccessories. Knit warm scarvesand hats with pompom. Make an easy hat toknit with needles 7-8 or crochet6.5 - 7.5, with colored stripes with onlya single ball. Discover the 9 colorsBig Paint Limited Edition and have funwearing and giving away the accessoryWinter star.

    4,09 €
  • Big Ribbon 200gr

    KATIA'S new BIG RIBBON is a  thick yet very lightweight ribb on. Similar to T-Shirt yarn/Trapillo, with the advantages of weighing a lot less and being able to to obtain as many skeins of the same colour as required. Large assortment of colors from 1 to 39. To work with needles 12-15 and crochet 8-10.

    6,57 €
  • Big Ribbon Jaspe 200gr Big Ribbon Jaspe 200gr
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