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Bio Lana de Mondial is an organic wool, composed of natural fibers, with a rustic texture, warm and soft touch, free of toxic substances, which makes it suitable for all types of sensitive skin. Available in 50g and 100m skeins, for knitting or crocheting with 4'5 - 5mm needles.
Frisée by Mondial
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FRISEE by Mondial is a thousand shades of colour curly wool, soft and enveloping. It comes in giant 500 g buds allowing you to create original knitwear in a very short time: coats, stoles, casual sweaters for women and children, as well as items for home decoration. Each bud has 325m, to work with 7 - 8mm knitting needles.
Mondial Merino Aran is a very warm wool made of virgin merino wool and acrylic, perfect for knitting great outerwear for any member of the family. It comes in reels with a cone format, 250 grams and 500 meters, very comfortable to weave without tangles. To work with 3½ - 4½ needles or 3 - 4 crochet hook.
Mondial’s Bio Soft is a fluffy, soft and breathable organic cotton, free of chemicals. It is an ecological and hypoallergenic yarn, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Available in 100 gr and 140 m skeins, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
EMOZIONE by Mondial is a perfect color cycle wick wool, 100% merino. Designed to create autumn and winter accessories, it allows you to weave gradient shawls and warm colored scarves with a single skein of 150g and 540m. For 4-4.5mm knitting needles and 3.5mm crochet hook.
Jazz by Mondial is a ball of 150 grams and 375 meters, composed of very warm virgin wool, in combination with some polyamide microfiber fibers, which give the ball softness and resistance. Ideal for knitting, with needles of 3½ - 4½ or crochet of 3 - 4, socks of impressive colors.
Trio by Mondial presents a very original mix of textures: mohair hair, mink hair and shiny metallic fibers. With a 200 gram ball and 440 meters you can knit a fabulous shawl.
Cristallo de Mondial is a braided ribbon, with viscose and microfiber in its composition, which stands out for its brilliance, fall and movement. It is ideal for summer pieces, with an elegant touch. Available in 50 gr and 100 m skeins, for 4 - 5 mm knitting needles or 3 - 4 mm crochet hook.
Tinto a Mano de Mondial is a thread made entirely of high quality Egyptian cotton presented in skeins of 100 grams and 220 meters. It is the perfect yarn to knit, with needles of 3½ - 4½ or crochet of 3 - 4, summer garments such as tops, t-shirts or cardigans.
Lane Mondial’s Cosmo is a braided wool, of gradient colours, with some metallic fiber inside, which gives it a touch of discreet shine. It is ideal for autumn and winter, thanks to 50% Merino wool in its composition. For knitting with 5 - 6mm needles and 4 - 5mm crochet hook.
Athena de Mondial is a perfect yarn for weaving very elegant works, with a spectacular fall. Ideal for spring and summer, thanks to its composition of cotton and microfiber, the result is fresh and light clothes. Available in 50 gr and 125 m skeins, for knitting with 3 - 4mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.
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