Bio Lana by Mondial
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Bio Lana de Mondial is an organic wool, composed of natural fibers, with a rustic texture, warm and soft touch, free of toxic substances, which makes it suitable for all types of sensitive skin. Available in 50g and 100m skeins, for knitting or crocheting with 4'5 - 5mm needles.
IMAGINE by Mondial is a medium-thick, fancy, curly-looking slat that combines different colours. IMAGINE by Mondial is ideal for ponchos and pieces with curly texture. Includes mask to set. IMAGINE by  Mondial is available in 150 gr and 300m buds, for 4’5 – 5’5mm knitting needles and 4 – 5mm crochet hook.
NORWAY FINE by Mondial is a blend of wool and Microfiber PC, with a jacquard print. It’s well known that, in terms of knitting, this Norwegian style enjoys a very solid base, and based on this increasingly fashionable feature, NORWAY FINE by Mondial allows for easy processing while mimicking this typical Nordic design. Ideal for casual sweaters, jackets,...
MERINOS EXTRA STAMPE by Mondial is a blend of merino wool, double dye, as specific dyes are used simultaneously for each of its two fibers. MERINOS EXTRA STAMPE by Mondial is ideal for comfortable and lightweight jackets, sweaters and accessories. MERINOS EXTRA STAMPE by Mondial is available in 100gr and 245m buds, to knit with 3'5 - 4mm needles or 3 -...
FRESCO LINO by Mondial is a real sustainable yarn made of 100% natural, recycled and organic fibers. Fashion is not only a search for novelties, but also a reinterpretation of what already exists, paying special attention to respect for the environment. This is precisely the philosophy behind FRESCO LINO by Mondial. With an essential colour chart, based...
Merino Aran 250gr by Mondial
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MERINO ARAN by Mondial is a wool blend, designed to be worked both by hand and by machine, hence the presentation on cones. MERINO ARAN by Mondial is a very soft and versatile yarn with which you can make sweaters, elaborate garments and accessories for the whole family. MERINO ARAN by Mondial is available in 250gr and 500m cones, to knit with 3’5 – 4’5mm...
Frisée by Mondial Frisée by Mondial 2
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FRISEE by Mondial is a thousand shades of colour curly wool, soft and enveloping. FRISEE by Mondial comes in giant buds allowing you to create original knitwear in a very short time: coats, stoles, casual sweaters for women and children, as well as items for home decoration. FRISEE by Mondial is available in 500g and 325m buds, to work with 7 - 8mm...
GRANNY MANIA by Mondial is a complete kit that allows you to create your own bag of grannies, a rediscovered classic that is still in vogue thanks to the thousands of combinations it allows. GRANNY MANIA by Mondial includes 8 100% cotton buds, very soft and easy to knit, and a pair of bamboo handles of vintage design, to create a bag to your size, with...
LIVERPOOL by Mondial is a blend of virgin merino wool with viscose and other fibers, with a beautiful mottled effect. LIVERPOOL by Mondial  is ideal for knitting winter garments quickly and easily. LIVERPOOL by Mondial  is available in 100g and 200m buds, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 4’5 - 5’5mm crochet hook.
NINFEA by Mondial is a thin-stranded tubular yarn, with occasionally coloured sparks that creates a degraded effect in relief. NINFEA by Mondial is a simple thread with a surprising effect. It comes in natural and pastel tones and, thanks to its thickness and delicacy, is perfect for creating casual, lightweight t-shirts, cardigans and sweaters that do...
EMOZIONE by Mondial is a perfect color cycle wick wool, 100% merino. Designed to create autumn and winter accessories, EMOZIONE by Mondial allows you to weave gradient shawls and warm colored scarves with a single skein of 150g and 540m. EMOZIONE by Mondial is for 4-4.5mm knitting needles and 3.5mm crochet hook.
Mondial’s Bio Soft is a fluffy, soft and breathable organic cotton, free of chemicals. It is an ecological and hypoallergenic yarn, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Available in 100 gr and 140 m skeins, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
VENEZIA by Mondial is a tubular, chain thread, which we can define as vivid, extremely colourful and bright. The colours follow one another in opaque lines thanks to the fibers of its composition: cotton, viscose, microfiber and linen. VENEZIA de Mondial is presented in a wide and decidedly varied range of colours, perfect for creating t-shirts, cardigans...
Zen by Mondial Zen by Mondial 2
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ZEN by Mondial is a blend wool, wick type, which comes in mottled colours combined with a metallic thread. ZEN by Mondial is ideal for creating sporty but elegant pieces: sweaters, shawls, coats, jackets, scarves, collars, etc. ZEN by Mondial is available in 100gr and 160m skeins, to knit or crochet with 5 - 6mm needles.
Procida by Mondial
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PROCIDA by Mondial is a fantasy solid coloured thread, which combines many features: lightly flamed, multi-coloured pattern with pastel tones and a bright note. PROCIDA by Mondial is soft and versatile, and allows both the creation of casual garments and small accessories with an elegant touch, suitable for knitting and crochet. PROCIDA by Mondial is...
ECO NATURA by Mondial is a 100% natural wool, with GOTS certification. ECO NATURA by Mondial  is ideal for knitting warm garments when cold is tight. ECO NATURA by Mondial is available in 100g and 350m skeins, to knit with 3'5 - 4'5mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.
SUMMER by Mondial is a 100% microfiber yarn, thin and fresh. In line with the fashion of recent years, which offers more and more knitted and crocheted pieces with lace textures, we present SUMMER by Mondial, a perfect thread to create the best beach accessories. Are you ready to wear a bikini made with your own hands? SUMMER by Mondial is presented in a...
Treccia by Mondial
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TRECCIA by Mondial is a blend of recycled cotton and PC microfiber, presented in an original braid and beautiful intertwined colours, which create a harmonious range of gradients. Due to its thickness, TRECCIA by Mondial is ideal for knitting crochet bags and household accessories such as individual tablecloths, grilles, handles, rugs and anything else...
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