Lanas Katia

Katia's SAINT REMO is characterized by its metallic shine. Very fresh and light, is ideal for shawls, boleros or any summer garment. It is available in colors from 76 to 79 Ideal to knit with needles from 4 -4.5 and crochet from 2.5-3.
White cotton blend with multicolour dots ideal for spring and summer. Malibu Plus is a mottled effect tape with which to knit cool children's tops and comfortable sweaters. Malibu Plus satin finish is great for women's wear. Available in colors from 50 to 103. To work with 4½ - 5½ needles or 3½ - 4½ hooks.
Patagonia de Katia
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Warm and fuzzy polyamide and acrylic fiber in soft fall and winter colors. Fantasy yarn that offers an original finish on women's sweaters and buttoned blazers. Patagonia is also used to create elegant scarves and textured collars. Available in colors from number 200 to 210. For knitting with needles from 5 - 6 or crochet from 4 - 5.
Velour de Katia Velour de Katia 2
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Velor is a fantasy yarn with short hair and smooth with interesting results when combined with other types of wool. With Velor can be woven warm jackets childish and simple winter collars. It is an ideal wool for cushions with stuffed effect and extra soft baby blankets. Available in colors from 50 to 78. To work with needles from 7 - 8 or crochet 6 - 7.
Polar is a yarn of very soft, fluffy hair in basic colors to create fancy pieces for winter. With Polar they can weave fun baby vests and velvet coats for girls. It is a perfect wool to make blankets, pillows, warm scarves and hats with easy pompom. Available in colors from 80 to 87. For knitting with needles from 7 - 8 or crochet from 6 - 8.
Air Lux is an ideal wool to be able weave shawls and gerseis. It has a special brightness. Available in a color from 60 to 77. To work with needles from 3 -3.5 and crochet 2 - 2.5
Onix de Katia Onix de Katia 2
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Onix is a soft long-haired and shiny wool for autumn and winter. It allows you to knit elegant sweaters and original women's vests. Great wool for faux fur effect jackets and warm maxi scarves to shelter from the cold. Available in colors from 70 to 84. To work with needles 5 - 6 or hook 4 - 5.
Azteca de Katia Azteca de Katia 2
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AZTECA de és una llana de metxa, multicolor d'estampat de cicle llarg, suau i agradable per a tothom. Amb un acabament rústic, és ideal per a tot tipus de peces, des de gorres, bufandes i colls a jerseis, vestits o jaquetes, tant per a adults com per a infants. Gran assortiment de multicolor del 7801 al 7867. Per treballar amb agulles del 5 - 5.5 i ganxet...
Wool touch fantasy plush and soft baby colors. Chantilly brings tenderness and softness to baby clothes, booties and newborn blankets. Very sweet thread to make sweaters very comfortable or fluffy children's jackets. Available in colors from 1 to 76. To work with needles from 3.5 - 4 or hooks 2 - 3.
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