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Darling Rainbow by Katia is a regular, multicolored thin wick wool with a long cycle pattern; soft and nice for everyone. Ideal for any piece, from shawls, hats, scarves and collars to sweaters, dresses or jackets, both for adults and children. For 2’5 – 3’5mm knitting needles or 2 - 3mm crochet hook.
Silk Degrade by Katia Silk Degrade by Katia 2
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SILK DEGRADÉ by Katia is a wonderful combination of very soft and light fibers, in light and spring colours. Thanks to its great length, it allows to weave a poncho or a light dress of straps with just one bud. Available in 150g and 600m buds, to knit with 3’5 - 4mm needles or 2’5 - 3mm crochet hook
YUCATAN by Katia is a thick but light yarn, a blend of different fibers, perfect for cool nights or seasonal changes. Ideal for weaving summer garments with rustic textures and tweed hues. Available in 50g and 100m buds, to knit with 4’5 - 5mm needles or 5mm crochet hook.
Gatsby by Katia
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GATSBY by Katia is a shiny viscose yarn with a silver and gold metallic effect. With GATSBY you can make elegant women's sweaters and openwork tops for partying. Fantasy thread with sensational results in shawls, accessories and applications in wool garments. Available in 50 gr and 118 m buds, for working with 3 - 3.5 mm knitting needles or crochet hooks.
IBIS by Katia is a satin, brightly coloured cotton blend. It is a magnificent thread that brings elegance to women's tops, spring jackets and light sweaters. With this cotton you can knit spectacular scarves, openwork vests and original ponchos. Available in 50 gr and 130m buds, for 3 - 3’5mm knitting needles and 3’5 - 4mm crochet hook.
Fair Cotton Craft by Katia Fair Cotton Craft by Katia 2
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FAIR COTTON CRAFT by Katia is a high yield ecologically sustainable organic cotton yarn, suitable for making both garments and home accessories. Its colour combination of bright colours makes it ideal for making summer dresses, skirts and jumpers. Only 1 ball of FAIR COTTON CRAFT by Katia is required to knit a short-sleeve children’s sweater for summer, a...
JAIPUR by Katia is a very fine 100% cotton thread, with a mercerized finish and a very soft touch. JAIPUR SOFT by Katia is the revamped version of the classic Jaipur yarn in very summery colours. With 3 buds you can knit or crochet a beautiful scarf or even an openwork poncho for the beach. JAIPUR SOFT bi Katia  is available in 50g and 280m buds for 2 -...
POESIA by Katia is a mixed composition, wick type, fancy wool. Thanks to the cotton thread that surrounds it and the subtle spots that it leaves, a rustic tweed-like effect is achieved. It comes in two different colour ranges, one in pastel tones, for more delicate pieces, and another in more extreme colours. Available in 50g and 80m buds, to knit with 5...
Petit Bonbon by Katia
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PETIT BONBON by Katia is an acrylic wool, with a very soft touch and a discreet mottled effect, in pastel colours on white. It is ideal for knitting `garments for the whole family, especially shawls and baby clothes. Available in 200g and 480m buds, to knit with 3’5 - 4mm needles or 4 - 4’5mm crochet hook.
Katia TWIST is a basic thread of unbeatable quality and price. 100% reliable anti-pilling acrylic wool, differs from other synthetic wools in its double twist structure, which protects the thread from all friction, preventing the formation of annoying balls. Katia's TWIST ensures the maintenance and durability of your work. We suggest you knit a blanket...
MENFIS COLOR by Katia is a fine multi-coloured cotton yarn, in youthful shades for spring and summer. Ideal for knitting comfortable sweaters and strapless dresses for women or girls. Available in 100g and 240m buds, to knit with 2’5 - 3’5mm needles or 2mm crochet hook
HARMONIA by Katia is a lightweight perfect colour cycle yarn in 100% cotton. Colourways have been carefully selected to create stunning and elegant combinations. Knit or crochet a beautiful shawl for cool summer nights, or a cool, comfortable girl's top using only one ball of yarn. Available in 150gr and 540m balls, to knit with 3 – 3’5mm needles or 3mm...
PLUMA by Katia is a cotton thread with a perched effect, reminiscent of moher-type wools for its soft and fluffy touch. It allows to knit timeless and fashionable pieces, alone or in combination with other yarns, to add volume effects to your most comfortable sweaters. Available in 50g and 150m buds, to knit with 4’5 - 5mm needles or 5mm crochet hook.
BOOMER by Katia is the new anti-tangle bud, quick to start, comfortable to knit and made up of 5 colours that you can combine in the order you prefer. Discover the benefits of this different bud, because starting to knit with BOOMER by Katia is easy. First, cut the plastic strap joining the ends, then pull from the beginning that you prefer and knit...
ALABAMA de Katia es uno de los grandes clásicos del verano, ideal para tejer prendas para toda la familia, amigurumis y complementos para el hogar. Está compuesto por una mezcla de algodón y acrílico, con un tacto muy suave, que lo hace muy versátil también para el entretiempo. Se trabaja con agujas de 3.5 - 4mm y ganchillo de 4mm.
Soft Lino by Katia Soft Lino by Katia 2
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SOFT LINO is an exclusive handmade multi-head yarn, 100% linen. Its delicate colour transition and the rigidity of the linen, are perfect for weaving very defined openwork stitches. Its footage allows to weave a large crochet shawl with just one bud. Available in 150g and 750m buds, to knit with 3 - 3’5mm needles or 3mm crochet hook.
GENESIS by Katia is a 50% cotton and 50% ‘Upcycled Marine Plastic’ polyester yarn. The recycled polyester in its composition is a high quality 100% post-consumer material, that comes from plastic waste collected from the marine environment, thanks to SEAQUAL INITIATIVE work. Knitting with GENESIS by Katia is weaving through a waste-free environment, being...
Big Ribbon by Katia Big Ribbon by Katia 2
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BIG RIBBON by Katia is a thick and very light ribbon, similar to the spaghetti yarn, but with the advantages of weighing much less and being able to have the skeins we want in the same color. It is ideal for knitting accessories, decorative pieces, necks, etc. To work with 12-15mm needles and 8-10mm crochet hook.
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