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Darling Rainbow by Katia is a regular, multicolored thin wick wool with a long cycle pattern; soft and nice for everyone. Ideal for any piece, from shawls, hats, scarves and collars to sweaters, dresses or jackets, both for adults and children. For 2’5 – 3’5mm knitting needles or 2 - 3mm crochet hook.
ETHNIC by Katia is a fantasy boucle yarn in a combination of different colours. Heavy weight yarn suitable for curly textured ponchos, oversize jumpers and feminine garments. Available in 100g and 85m skeins, for 10 - 12mm knitting needles and 8 - 10mm crochet hook.
Multicolored cotton yarn in strong tones and with a slight shine. Capri Plus is a basic yarn for spring and summer to create colorful children's jackets. It is an excellent cotton to make fun tops and comfortable sweaters for children. For knitting with 2½ - 3mm needles or 2 - 3mm crochet hook.
SILK DEGRADÉ by Katia is a wonderful combination of very soft and light fibers, in light and spring colours. Thanks to its great length, it allows to weave a poncho or a light dress of straps with just one bud. Available in 150g and 600m buds, to knit with 3’5 - 4mm needles or 2’5 - 3mm crochet hook
KIREI by Katia is a soft and fluffy wick type merino wool, 100% superwash. Achieve plump garments, perfect for everyday wear, using this high-performance yarn to create natural toned sweaters, or combine it with the amazing colours of KIREI COLOR. Available in 100 gr and 160 m skeins, to knit with 5-5.5 mm needles or 5’5 – 6mm crochet hook.
Merino Baby Degradede Katia Merino Baby Degradede Katia 2
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Merino Baby Degradé by Katia is a 100% multicolored merino yarn in soothing pastel tones for babies and children. Soft yarn to make comfortable hats, children's scarves, striped dresses and printed autumn and winter sweaters. Presented in balls of 200 grams and 660 meters to knit with needles 3 - 3½ or crochet 3 - 3½.
SINFONIA by Katia is a wick thread, which result of combining alpaca and cotton, with a cheerful and beautiful gradient colour effect, ideal for all types of accessories. With just one bud you can knit a crocheted shawl or a knitted scarf. Available in 150gr and 510m buds to knit with 3 - 3mm needles or 3½ - 4mm crochet hook.
Gatsby by Katia Gatsby by Katia 2
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GATSBY by Katia is a shiny viscose yarn with a silver and gold metallic effect. With GATSBY you can make elegant women's sweaters and openwork tops for partying. Fantasy thread with sensational results in shawls, accessories and applications in wool garments. Available in 50 gr and 118 m buds, for working with 3 - 3.5 mm knitting needles or crochet hooks.
MIRAGE by Katia is a multi-coloured and very soft wool, with long and light hair. Its composition of 100% natural fibers is ideal for jackets and sweaters with volume. Available in 50g and 90m buds, to knit with 7 - 8mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
All Seasons Cotton by Katia
Bright cotton yarn in current colors. All Seasons Cotton brings comfort and freshness to year-round garments. 100% soft cotton for elegant tops, shiny jackets and women's sweaters. To work with 3'5 - 4mm needles or 3'5 - 4mm crochet hook.
Fair Cotton Craft by Katia Fair Cotton Craft by Katia 2
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FAIR COTTON CRAFT by Katia is a high yield ecologically sustainable organic cotton yarn, suitable for making both garments and home accessories. Its colour combination of bright colours makes it ideal for making summer dresses, skirts and jumpers. Only 1 ball of yarn is required to knit a short-sleeve children’s sweater for summer, a girl's strappy dress...
Maldivas by Katia Maldivas by Katia 2
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MALDIVAS by Katia is a fine cake type yarn, with a high yield, in a soft cotton and acrylic blend. A wide colour range makes this yarn an ideal choice for both women's accessories and kids and babies garments. Knit yourself a shawl with only one bud, or a baby blanket with two. Available in 150gr and 435m buds, for knitting with 3 - 3’5mm needles or 2’5 -...
Winter Washi by Katia
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WINTER WASHI by Katia is a soft and light ribbon, woolly textured due to the moher that surrounds it. It provides warmth to any accessory: bags, backpacks, ponchos, capes, shawls ... It is easy to work on sweaters with embossed stitches or elastic knit scarves. Available in 100gr and 150m buds, to knit with 8 - 9mm needles or 6 - 7mm crochet hook.
Casiopea by Katia
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CASIOPEA by Katia is a fantasy thread with large and showy silver sequins. Giant sequins appear distributed between the mohair and alpaca fibres as it’s woven. With a soft and fluffy touch, it is ideal for creating glamorous and amazing party garments. Available in 50gr and 155m buds to knit with 5½ - 6mm needles or 6mm crochet.
Cosmos by Katia
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Katia’s Cosmos is a cotton fantasy yarn, with silver sequins, perfect for spring and summer. With Cosmos you can knit elegant garments, sweaters, shawls, etc., with 3'5 - 4mm knitting needles, or 2'5 - 3mm crochet hook.
Onix by Katia
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ONIX by Katia is a very soft wool, with long hair and a light shiny touch, very elegant for autumn and winter. Ideal for knitting elegant sweaters and original women's vests. Available in 50g and 85m buds, to knit with 5½ - 6mm needles or 4½ - 5 crochet hook.
IBIS by Katia is a satin, brightly coloured cotton blend. It is a magnificent thread that brings elegance to women's tops, spring jackets and light sweaters. With this cotton you can knit spectacular scarves, openwork vests and original ponchos. Available in 50 gr and 130m buds, for 3 - 3’5mm knitting needles and 3’5 - 4mm crochet hook.
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