Panda by AdR Panda by AdR 2
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PANDA by AdR is a 100% acrylic and hypoallergenic wool, ideal for making all kind of garments and accessories. It doesn’t make balls, thanks to its anti-peeling treatment. For knitting or crochet. It comes in a wide range of colours, to combine as you like. Available in 100g and 370m buds, for knitting with 3 - 3.5 mm needles.
Polar by Katia Polar by Katia 2
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POLAR ANIMAL PRINT by Katia is a Faux Fur very soft wool, with long hair. With just three buds you can knit a baby blanket, or a beautiful coat with 6. It combines perfectly with the printed colours of Katia’s Polar ‘Animal Print’, and is ideal for applying plush touch details to your garments woven with basic wool. Available in 100g and 60m buds, to knit...
MA-MA DOBLE by AdR is a 100%, hypoallergenic, very high-quality acrylic wool, ideal for the whole family. Thicker than MA-MA quality, he garments woven with this yarn will be warm, soft, light and with a very pleasant touch. Available in 50gr and 150m buds, to knit with 3-3’5mm needles.
COPITO by Katia is a plush touch wool, for weaving soft and fluffy textures for kids and babies. It is perfect for light and warm clothes or to create dolls or pillows. Available in 50g and 155m buds, to knit or crochet with 3 - 3’5mm needles.
MUSARA by AdR is a 100% acrylic wool, very soft, with an exquisite touch and a very pleasant appearance. AdR MUSARA is available in plain or printed colors, which can be perfectly combined with each other. Thanks to its composition and thickness, it is ideal for quick work such as hats, scarves and collars, both knitting and crochet, but it is also...
Katia TWIST is a basic thread of unbeatable quality and price. 100% reliable anti-pilling acrylic wool, differs from other synthetic wools in its double twist structure, which protects the thread from all friction, preventing the formation of annoying balls. Katia's TWIST ensures the maintenance and durability of your work. We suggest you knit a blanket...
Baby Jacquard by Katia Baby Jacquard by Katia 2
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BABY JACQUARD by Katia is an extra-soft yarn, with a modern Jacquard effect print. BABY JACQUARD by Katia is an acrylic wool for the whole family, but especially designed for the little ones. BABY JACQUARD by Katia is available in 50g and 120m buds, to knit with 4 - 4’5mm needles or 4mm crochet hook.
Crepusculo by Katia
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Crepusculo by Katia is a bright-looking chenille with a velvety finish, for women's clothing, comfortable and very easy to knit. It comes in 100gr and 50m skeins, for 4 - 4'5mm knitting needles or 4 - 4'5mm crochet hook.
FLORENCIA JEANS by Ofil is a denim-looking acrylic wool. Available in buds of 100gr and 200m, for 4'5 - 5mmknitting needles
PERSA by Katia is a blend of acrylic and modal yarn, a natural cellulose, with a very silky touch and a worn appearance. Ideal for any piece of leisure or for home accessories. It can be combined with Katia Atlantic. Available in 50g and 140m buds, to work with 3’5 - 4mm knitting needles or crochet hook.
Sevilla by Katia
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SEVILLA by Katia is a flat shiny ribbon, in metallic colours. Perfect for party tops and elegant spring and summer dresses. Also ideal for bags and jewellery in gold, silver or copper tones. Available in 50g and 153m buds, to knit with 3 - 3’5mm needles or 3mm crochet hook.
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