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Big by LM Big by LM 2
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Thick acrylic thread, rope type, ideal for making baskets, large amigurumis, carpets and other accessories.
ALABAMA by Katia is one of the summer great classics, ideal to knit pieces for the whole family, amigurumis and home accessories. ALABAMA by Katia is made of a mixture of cotton and acrylic fibre with a very soft touch, which makes it very versatile for any season. ALABAMA by Katia is available in 50g and 105m buds, to knit with 3'5 - 4mm needles or 4mm...
Big Alabama is a blend of matte cotton, brightly colored, suitable for knitting sweaters and jackets for the whole family. Available in different colors, in 50 gr and 80 m skeins. Big Alabama is also great for making all kinds of accessories.
Katia’s Big Merino is a thick wool available in a wide range of colors, ideal for all types of knitting and crochet patterns. Big Merino is sensational for thick wool sweaters, winter jackets and youth hats. With this basic wool, you can knit comfortable blankets for the sofa and cozy pillows. For knitting with 6½ - 7mm needles or 6 - 7mm crochet hook.
BIG RIBBON by Katia BIG RIBBON by Katia 2
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BIG RIBBON by Katia is a thick and very light ribbon, similar to spaghetti yarn, but it weights much less and it has more color availability. BIG RIBBON by Katia is ideal for weaving complements, accessories, decorative pieces, collars, etc. BIG RIBBON by Katia is available in 200g and 72m skeins, to work with 12-15mm needles and 8-10mm crochet.
Big Ribbon Jaspé by Katia
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BIG RIBBON JASPÉ by Katia is a thick and very light ribbon, similar to the spaghetti yarn, but with the advantages of weighing much less and being able to have the skeins we want in the same color. It is ideal for knitting accessories, decorative pieces, necks, etc. To work with 12-15mm needles and 8-10mm crochet hook.
Mondial’s Bio Soft is a fluffy, soft and breathable organic cotton, free of chemicals. It is an ecological and hypoallergenic yarn, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Available in 100 gr and 140 m skeins, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
COPITO by Katia is a plush touch wool, for weaving soft and fluffy textures for kids and babies. COPITO by Katia is perfect for light and warm clothes or to create dolls or pillows. COPITO by Katia is available in 50g and 155m buds, to knit or crochet with 3 - 3’5mm needles.
COSMO by Mondial is a braided wool, of gradient colours, with some metallic fiber inside, which gives it a touch of discreet shine. COSMO by Mondial is ideal for autumn and winter, thanks to 50% Merino wool in its composition. COSMO by Mondial is available in 50g and 150m buds, to knit with 5 - 6mm needles and 4 - 5mm crochet hook.
COTONE by LM is a 100% recycled cotton, with a soft touch, aailable in a wide range of colours. COTONE by LM is ideal for making any type of garment or accessory with a rustic touch. COTONE by LM comes in 100gr and 155m buds, to knit with 4 - 5mm needles or 3½ - 4½mm crochet.
COTTON IN LOVE by Katia is a combination of the most delicate Merino wool and the best Egyptian cotton, which gives it a soft and pleasant thermoregulatory capacity that can also absorb moisture. COTTON IN LOVE by Katia is an essential yarn for the whole year, which can be machine washed, for knitting from baby's first garments to basic adult clothing....
Cotton Merino by Katia Cotton Merino by Katia 2
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COTTON MERINO by Katia is a warm cotton blended yarn, with a very light merino wool, which comes in delicate pastel colours. The magnificent natural fibers selection of COTTON MERINO by Katia allows you to knit sweaters with textures and dress jackets for women. COTTON MERINO by Katia is available in 50 gr and 105 m buds, to knit with 4.5-5mm knitting...
COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is a soft, matte and high quality cotton yarn. Available in a wide range of plain colours, COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is ideal for spring and summer openworks, complements an amigurumis. COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM comes of 50gr and 170m buds, to knit with 3 - 3.5mm needles and 2.5 - 3mm crochet hook.
COTTON PLUS by Valeria is a 12-strand, 100% Peruvian cotton yarn with spectacular softness and performance, ideal for creating both summer and mid-season garments. COTTON PLUS by Valeria is presented in a range of 8 trendy colours, perfect for light and fresh garments. COTTON PLUS by Valeria is available in 100g and 205m buds, to knit and crochet with 4mm...
COTTON CASHMERE DEGRADÉ by Katia is a high-performance yarn, with a cotton base and a subtle and unmistakable cashmere touch, which gives it an extra softness. COTTON CASHMERE DEGRADÉ by Katia is suitable for any season and just one bud is enough to knit your next shawl. COTTON CASHMERE DEGRADÉ by Katia is available in 200g and 620m, to knit with 2'5 -...
COTTON YAK by Katia is a natural fibers satin yarn, for all seasons. The cotton, wool and yak blend is extraordinary for making baby clothes and soft blankets. COTTON YAK by Katia brings freshness and softness to women's sweaters, cardigans or ponchos. COTTON YAK by Katia is available in 50 gr and 130 m skeins, for 3’5 - 4mm knitting needles or 2’5mm...
With a crisp look but a soft feel, CREATIVE LINEN by ROWAN is a winner for spring and summer knits. Great stitch definition means that lace or texture patterns really shine in this yarn, which comes in a fresh colour palette of brights and tonals. With a mixture of 50% linen and 50% cotton, CREATIVE LINEN by ROWAN will wear and wash beautifully, making it...
Crepusculo by Katia
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Crepusculo by Katia is a bright-looking chenille with a velvety finish, for women's clothing, comfortable and very easy to knit. It comes in 100gr and 50m skeins, for 4 - 4'5mm knitting needles or 4 - 4'5mm crochet hook.
CUORE by AdR is a merino wool with 50% of Dralon©  fiber in its composition, which gives it sponginess and length. CUORE by AdR is ideal for any piece you want to knit, both two-needle and crochet, because they will be warm, soft, light and very pleasant to the touch. CUORE by AdR comes in 50g and 200m skeins, for working with 2’5 - 3mm knitting needles...
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