Hilos de Algodon

Degrade Sun de Katia Degrade Sun de Katia 2
Multicolour cotton with a matte and gradient finish. With Degrade Sun you can make striped sweaters, colorful summer dresses and tops for girls. It is a very versatile thread to create crochet bags and cheerful cushions. Printed colors from 90 to 117. To work with needles from 3 - 3.½ or crochet 2 - 2.½
Satin finish cotton and white combinations with intense colors from 50 to 104. Bora Bora offers a marbled effect to summer sweaters and knit tops for women and children. It is a fabulous yarn for making light ponchos and cheerful children's dresses. To work with 3 - 3½ needles or 2½ - 3 hooks.
Multi-colored cotton yarn with strong tones and shine. Capri Plus is a basic yarn for spring and summer with which to create colorful children's jackets. It's a great cotton to make fun tops and comfortable jumpers for kids. Available in colors from 100 to 107. To knit with needles from 2½ - 3 or crochet from 2 - 3.
Cotton Stretch de Katia Cotton Stretch de Katia 2
Cotton Stretch is a slightly stretchy cotton in bright colors. It's a must-have yarn for crochet bikinis and swimwear in the summer. Soft matte yarn to knit comfortable dresses, cool sweaters for children and adults or baby jackets. Balls of 50 grams to work with needles from 3½ to 4½ or crochet from 2½ to 3½.
Jaipur Cake de Katia Jaipur Cake de Katia 2
Jaipur Cake is a very fine 100% cotton thread with a mercerized finish. A cotton in a large footage format, 1100 meters, to knit a sleeveless top with just one ball. With Jaipur Cake you can make summer dresses, knitted cardigans, sarongs and multi-colored sweaters for both children and women. To work with 2½ - 4½ needles or 1.75 - 2½ crochet hook.
Menfis Color de Katia Menfis Color de Katia 2
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Multicolour cotton in youth tones, available in different colors, fine strand for spring and summer. Memphis Color is great for knitting comfortable jumpers and strap dresses for girls or women. Soft cotton for colorful cardigans and crochet tops. To knit with needles from 2½ to 3½ or crochet from 2 to 3.
Neon de Katia
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Neon bright cotton and acrylic mix for this ball with a very modern soft gradient. The neon color is perfect for making very youthful and eye-catching accessories. To knit a shawl, both crocheted and with two needles, you only need 1 ball. Available in balls of 200 grams and 800 meters. To knit with needles 4 - 5 or crochet 3 - 4.
Cotton-Yak by Katia, its combination of natural cotton and wool fibers is special for knitting mid-season sweaters. Available in balls of 50 grams and 130 meters. To knit with needles 3½ - 4 or crochet 2½ - 3.
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