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JUST DÉGRADÉ by Katia is a 100% cotton thread made of sections of different shades, that will form a very soft gradient original in your knits. Available in 50g and 260m buds, to knit with 3 - 3’5mm needles and 2’5 - 3mm crochet hook.
Bora Bora by Katia Bora Bora by Katia 2
Satin finish cotton and white combinations with intense colors from 50 to 104. Bora Bora offers a marbled effect to summer sweaters and knit tops for women and children. It is a fabulous yarn for making light ponchos and cheerful children's dresses. To work with 3 - 3½ needles or 2½ - 3 hooks.
Multicolored cotton yarn in strong tones and with a slight shine. Capri Plus is a basic yarn for spring and summer to create colorful children's jackets. It is an excellent cotton to make fun tops and comfortable sweaters for children. For knitting with 2½ - 3mm needles or 2 - 3mm crochet hook.
EL ALGODON DE JULIA by AdR is a 100% cotton produced entirely in our country, of exceptional quality. Cotton is the most important natural vegetable fiber in the world, ideal for its strength, breathability and softness. It is very versatile and hypoallergenic, ideal for knitting summer garments. Available in a studied colour chart that you can combine...
ARTCotton by AdR is a 100% natural cotton yarn. The handmade dyeing process of ARTCotton by AdR, which combines several shades of the same range, gives it a beautiful effect, both in crochet and knitting work. ARTCotton by AdR is available in 100g and 400m skeins, to knit with 2 – 2’5mm needles or crochet hooks.
Cotton Stretch by Katia
Katia’s Cotton Stretch is a slightly elastic, brightly coloured cotton. Very versatile, essential for crocheting bikinis and swimsuits, but also for knitting dresses, cool sweaters for children and adults, or baby jackets. It comes in 50 gr and 170 m skeins, to work with 3½ - 4½mm knitting needles or 2½ -3½mm crochet hook.
Love Denim by Katia
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LOVE DENIM by Katia is a recycled and environmentally friendly cotton, in denim and worn tones, for any season of the year. Ideal for knitting accessories and home complements: bags, backpacks or purses, baskets, pillows, etc. Available in 100gr and 77m buds, for 6 - 8mm knitting needles or 4’5 - 5mm crochet hook.
MENFIS COLOR by Katia is a fine multi-coloured cotton yarn, in youthful shades for spring and summer. Ideal for knitting comfortable sweaters and strapless dresses for women or girls. Available in 100g and 240m buds, to knit with 2’5 - 3’5mm needles or 2mm crochet hook
Neon by Katia Neon by Katia 2
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NEON BY Katia is a colourful mixture of cotton and acrylic, with a very modern gentle gradient that includes at least one fluorine colour. Ideal for very juvenile and striking accessories. With a single skein you can knit a shawl, both at crochet and knitting. Available in 200gr and 800m buds, to knit with 4 - 5mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.
Mimosa by Katia Mimosa by Katia 2
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MIMOSA by Katia is a soft-touch cotton thread, perfect for the whole family. It comes in delicate pastel shades on a white base, and can be combined with Katia’s wide range of Cotton 100 colours. Knit a shawl or a baby blanket with only one skein. Available in 200g and 480m buds, to knit with 3 - 3’5mm needles or 3mm crochet hook.
Katia's Cotton-Cashmere Degradé is a high-performance yarn, with a cotton base and a subtle and unmistakable cashmere touch, which gives it an extra softness. Suitable for any season, a 200gr and 620m skein is enough to knit your next shawl, with 2'5 - 3'5mm knitting needles or 2 - 2'5mm crochet hook.
Cotton-Yak by Katia is a natural fibers satin yarn, for all seasons. The cotton, wool and yak blend is extraordinary for making baby clothes and soft blankets. Cotton-Yak brings freshness and softness to women's sweaters, cardigans or ponchos. Available in 50 gr and 130 m skeins, for 3’5 - 4mm knitting needles or 2’5mm crochet hook.
PURE by Katia is the best PIMA cotton in a soft chain, which reaches us from the northern coast of Peru. Thick and light thread, soft and warm at the same time, it’s great to knit comfortably your garments for the whole year. Thanks to its thickness, you will finish your work quickly. In addition, you can combine it with PURE DEGRADÉ by Katia to achieve...
Mondial’s Bio Soft is a fluffy, soft and breathable organic cotton, free of chemicals. It is an ecological and hypoallergenic yarn, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. Available in 100 gr and 140 m skeins, for knitting with 5 - 6mm needles or 5 - 6mm crochet hook.
TINTO A MANO by Mondial is a hand-dyed and high quality 100% Egyptian cotton thread. It’s perfect for knitting any piece or accessory for spring or summer. Available in 100gr and 220m skeins, to knit with 3½ - 4½mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet hook.
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