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ALABAMA by Katia is one of the summer great classics, ideal to knit pieces for the whole family, amigurumis and home accessories. ALABAMA by Katia is made of a mixture of cotton and acrylic fibre with a very soft touch, which makes it very versatile for any season. ALABAMA by Katia is available in 50g and 105m buds, to knit with 3'5 - 4mm needles or 4mm...
ARTCotton by AdR is a 100% natural cotton yarn. The handmade dyeing process of ARTCotton by AdR, which combines several shades of the same range, gives it a beautiful effect, both in crochet and knitting work. ARTCotton by AdR is available in 100g and 400m skeins, to knit with 2 – 2’5mm needles or crochet hooks.
Athena by Mondial
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Athena de Mondial is a perfect yarn for weaving very elegant works, with a spectacular fall. Ideal for spring and summer, thanks to its composition of cotton and microfiber, the result is fresh and light clothes. Available in 50 gr and 125 m skeins, for knitting with 3 - 4mm needles or 3 - 4mm crochet.
Babilonia de Katia
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BABILONIA by Katia is a fantasy tubular structure with elegant satin specks subtly spread along the yarn. BABILONIA by Katia is designed to give a different, ground-breaking effect to the most classic pieces. If you are looking for elegance and sobriety, the matte-gloss duality of yarn meets all expectations. BABILONIA by Katia is available in 50g and...
BETINA by LM is a satin ribbon coming in a wide variety of colors. BETINA by LM is very versatile and suitable for any spring/summer project. BETINA by LM is available in 100g and 130m buds to knit with 4-7mm needles or crochet
Big Alabama by Katia
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Big Alabama is a blend of matte cotton, brightly colored, suitable for knitting sweaters and jackets for the whole family. Available in different colors, in 50 gr and 80 m skeins. Big Alabama is also great for making all kinds of accessories.
BIO SOFT by Mondial
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BIO SOFT by Mondial is a soft, matte and high quality cotton yarn. BIO SOFT by Mondial is ideal for spring and summer openworks, complements and amigurumis. BIO SOFT by Mondial is available in 100g and 140m buds, to knit with 5 – 6mm needles or crochet hook.
Blues by Katia Blues by Katia 2
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Katia’s Blues is a cotton and viscose ribbon. Thanks to their combination, the pieces woven with Blues have a subtle shiny appearance that makes them special. Also ideal for accessories.
Brisa by Katia Brisa by Katia 2
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BRISA by Katia is a blend of cotton and viscose, with a subtle touch of shine, which gives a glamorous touch to openwork tops, party jackets or women's sweaters. BRISA by Katia is an amazing thread for making handbags or crochet jewellery too. BRISA by Katia is available in 50g and 125m buds, to knit with 2’5 - 3mm needles and 2’5 - 3mm crochet.
Butterfly by Katia Butterfly by Katia 2
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Butterfly is a multicolored thread with a white base and fun shades that give it a mottled finish. It’s great for knitting knit dresses, summer tops and comfortable sweaters. Its composition is perfect for making pieces for both adults and children. For knitting with 4 - 4½mm needles or 3½ - 4mm crochet hook.
CAPRI PLUS by Katia is a multi-colored cotton thread, with strong tones and a slight sheen. CAPRI PLUS by Katia is a basic yarn for spring and summer to create colorful children's jackets. It's a great cotton for making fun tops and cozy sweaters for kids. CAPRI PLUS by Katia is available in 50g and 125m skeins to knit with 2½ - 3mm needles or 2 - 3mm...
COLORCOTTON by AdR is a very high quality 100% cotton thread, suitable for summer or mid-season garments. COLORCOTTON by AdR is ideal for the whole family. Weave baby jackets, tank tops, shawls, and more. COLORCOTTON by AdR is presented in a beautiful range of natural colours, and is available in 100g and 175m skeins, to knit with 4 - 5mm needles or 4 -...
Comete by Cheval Blanc
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Cheval Blanc’s Comète is a cotton blend, very elegant and sparkling thanks to a shiny thread inserted. Very feminine, colourful and easy to knit with 3 - 3’5mm needles or 3’5 - 4mm crochet hook.
COSMOPOLITAN by Katia is a tubular yarn with a majority of viscose in its composition. With a bright touch, COSMOPOLITAN by Katia brings elegance to your fabrics, and its rounded and light shape allows you to knit comfortably any type of garment. Due to its composition, it is ideal for tops, shawls and summer garments. COSMOPOLITAN by Katia is available...
Cosmos by Katia
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Katia’s Cosmos is a cotton fantasy yarn, with silver sequins, perfect for spring and summer. With Cosmos you can knit elegant garments, sweaters, shawls, etc., with 3'5 - 4mm knitting needles, or 2'5 - 3mm crochet hook.
COTONE by LM is a 100% recycled cotton, with a soft touch, aailable in a wide range of colours. COTONE by LM is ideal for making any type of garment or accessory with a rustic touch. COTONE by LM comes in 100gr and 155m buds, to knit with 4 - 5mm needles or 3½ - 4½mm crochet.
COTTON ALPACA by Katia is a soft and comfortable cotton, with baby alpaca in its composition, with a matte finish and pale colours. COTTON ALPACA by Katia is ideal for spring and mid-season, and even for knitting accessories for warmer times, such as collars or hats. COTTON ALPACA by Katia comes in 50g and 150m buds, to knit with 3½ - 4mm needles or 2½ -...
COTTON IN LOVE by Katia is a combination of the most delicate Merino wool and the best Egyptian cotton, which gives it a soft and pleasant thermoregulatory capacity that can also absorb moisture. COTTON IN LOVE by Katia is an essential yarn for the whole year, which can be machine washed, for knitting from baby's first garments to basic adult clothing....
Cotton Merino by Katia Cotton Merino by Katia 2
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COTTON MERINO by Katia is a warm cotton blended yarn, with a very light merino wool, which comes in delicate pastel colours. The magnificent natural fibers selection of COTTON MERINO by Katia allows you to knit sweaters with textures and dress jackets for women. COTTON MERINO by Katia is available in 50 gr and 105 m buds, to knit with 4.5-5mm knitting...
COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is a soft, matte and high quality cotton yarn. Available in a wide range of plain colours, COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM is ideal for spring and summer openworks, complements an amigurumis. COTTON NATURE 2'5 by LM comes of 50gr and 170m buds, to knit with 3 - 3.5mm needles and 2.5 - 3mm crochet hook.
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