• Big Paint 100gr

    Big Paint is a very wicking woolsoft to weave colorful and cheerfulaccessories. Knit warm scarvesand hats with pompom. Make an easy hat toknit with needles 7-8 or crochet6.5 - 7.5, with colored stripes with onlya single ball. Discover the 9 colorsBig Paint Limited Edition and have funwearing and giving away the accessoryWinter star.

    4,09 €
  • Easy Jacquard 300 Easy Jacquard 300
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    Easy Jacquard 250 gr

    Easy Jacquard is a printed woolof medium thickness to easily weavea winter jacquard effect. Enjoyknitting a cap in circular needlesmatching with a matching scarfjust a ball. Knit a simple sweateras a child with a single ball (250 grams)or make your own Easy Jacquard sweatersize 38-40-42 with two balls.

    12,36 €
  • Merino Aran 250gr.

    Mondial Merino Aran is a woolcomposed of virgin wool fibermerino and acrylic, very warm, perfectto weave great coat garments forany member of the family.It comes in coils with format ofcone, 250 grams and 500 meters, verycomfortable to knit without tangles. To workwith 3.5 - 4.5 needles or crochet from 3 - 4.

    9,92 €
  • Polar Animal Print 100gr.

    Polar Animal Print is a wool of hairextra long with trend print'Animal Print'. An innovative thread with effectbicolor bleached between the base and the tipof the hair. Make a soft baby blankettwo needles with only 3 skeins in shadescake or a spectacular coat in colorsnatural with 6 skeins. To weave with7 - 8 needles or crochet from 6 - 8.

    7,40 €
  • Socks Rainbow 100gr

    Rainbow Socks is a pack of 2 balls of wool in gradient colors designed for knitting socks. With each ball you will have enough to knit a sock. Available in 6 different colors from 50 to 57. To work with 2.5 - 3 needles or 2 - 3 crochet hook.

    8,22 €
  • Zen 100gr.

    Zen is a fantasy wool thatIt has a soft metallic shineperfect for creating elegant work.Available in colors from 789 to 795in balls of 100 grams and 160 meters.To knit with needles from 5 - 6or crochet of 4 -5.

    9,50 €
  • Emozione 150gr.

    Emozione is a wool from Mondialvery special, since each modeloffers an original marbled that leavesdegrading from one tonality to another.This wool is composed of fibers100% merino virgin despite its finethickness. You can knit a fabulous shawl with1 single ball of 150 grams and 540 meters.To knit with needles 3 - 4 or crochet 2.5 - 4.

    16,45 €
  • Azteca Infinity 150g

    Azteca Infinity is a multicolored woolfor knitting accessories in soft colorsdegraded Each ball contains480 meters and 150 grams, an amountperfect for knitting a shawl, a scarf ora scarf only using 1 ball.Available in colors from 500 to 507 forknit with 3.5 - 4 needles or crochet 3 - 4.

    11,98 €
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  • Raphia Wood Pulpe 50gr

    Raphia is a flat natural thread and easy to crochet. A light thread to create colorful bags, summer hats and original belts. Heavy-duty raffia ribbon to decorate the home with multicolored carpets and cheerful cushions. In colors from 50 to 90. To work with 5.5 - 6 needles and crochet from 5 - 5.5.

    4,50 €
  • Tikal 50gr Tikal 50gr
    Product available with different options
  • Degradé Sun 50gr Degradé Sun 50gr
    Product available with different options
    Degradé Sun 50gr

    Multi-colored cotton with matte and gradient finish. With Degradé Sun you can make striped sweaters, colorful summer dresses and tops for girls. It is a very versatile yarn to create crochet bags and cheerful cushions. Stamped colors from 90 to 117. To work with needles from 3 - 3.5 or crochet 2 - 2.5

    3,68 €
  • Azteca Degrade 100gr Azteca Degrade 100gr
    Product available with different options
    Azteca Degrade 100gr

    Azteca Degradé is a multi-colored wicking wool in mottled and cheerful colors. With only two balls of Azteca Degradé you can knit fun add-ons like point warmers, hats with pompoms or fluffy collars. This wool is fabulous for the whole family, especially to make baby dresses and children's jackets. Available in colors from 500 to 508. To knit with needles...

    6,61 €
  • Maxi Merino 100gr

    Maxi Merino is a warm wool of solid and current colors. For knitting sweaters with borders, women's jackets and thick ponies. Maxi Merino can make basic caps Knitted and colored scarves. It has a wide color from 1 to 55. To knit with needles from 5.5 to 6 or crochet of 4.5 -5.5.

    4,38 €
  • Chromatic 50gr Chromatic 50gr
    Product available with different options
    Chromatic 50gr

    4,05 €
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  • Cotton 100% 50g

    Cotton 100% is a soft cotton yarn and mate available in many plain colors. Ideal for spring and summer drafts. You can make original amigurumis. Available in many colors from 1 to 56. To work with needles from 3 - 3.5 and crochet from 2.5 - 3.

    2,44 €
  • Merino Aran 100gr

    Merino Aran by Katia is a very soft wool of ideal thickness for knitting any kind of garment. Although not a 100% Merino, its mixture offers a smooth effects that neither itches nor overwhelms when we wear it. No suitable for people with wool allergies. Extensive assortment of colors from 1 to 86. To work with needles from 4.5 - 5.5 and crochet of 3.5 -4.5.

    4,38 €

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